Advertising content: Cyclz women’s health app


Advertising copy for a fictional women’s health app written for copywriting diploma at the College of Media and Publishing. Graded A.

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Eliminate health worries with Cyclz. Period.

Take control of your own health and see how your cycle affects you from the inside out with Cyclz.

Today, women like Raquel, 29, who suffer from fatigue or irritability alongside their periods, are often told by their GP’s that there’s nothing wrong, or they’re ‘just hormonal’.

They can wait weeks for an NHS blood test, and meanwhile things can get worse, dramatically affecting their physical and mental health.

Cyclz brings both health and period tracking together in one handy app, and all with just a prick of your finger with our revolutionary new subscription just for women.

You can track your period with the Cyclz calendar, inputting your mood and symptoms to build an in-depth picture of what’s going on in your body every single day.

And by using our unique mail-order finger-prick blood test, you can also see if you’re missing out on any essential vitamins and minerals such as iron, vitamin D, and B12 over a timeplan of your choice. Just select what you’d like to test and how often from the dashboard and we’ll send it out to you.

“Within 48 hours, Cyclz showed me my iron levels were low, so I started taking an iron supplement. Now I feel much healthier and happier, and I’ve informed my GP.” – Raquel Nowak, Leicester

We are for all women, no matter your pronouns

If you’re a transgender woman or gender non-conforming, and/or undergoing female hormonal therapy, we’re here to help you too.

Cyclz can help you track your health no matter your gender status, including oestrogen and testosterone levels. Select the hormones and supplements you’re taking, and you’re good to go.

Go to to order your test before 7th August and receive 25% off your first package with full money-back guarantee.

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