Advertising content: SomerSide all-purpose reusable towel


Advertising copy for a sustainable product created for copywriting diploma at the College of Media and Publishing. Graded A.

Photo by Leah Kelley on

Protect the planet and pack lighter with SomerSide.

Single-use products polluting the world’s oceans are at an all-time high. Every 30 seconds, half a million plastic bottles find their way into our oceans, and have a devastating effect on marine life.

So we came up with SomerSide. Made from between eight and 14 used plastic bottles plus super soft Nylon, this innovative, all-purpose towel is the new way to reabsorb plastic waste in a way that works for everybody, from the yoga fanatic to the sea turtle.

Unlike ordinary microfibre towels, it’s damp-proof and sand-proof, plus at 350g you’ll hardly notice it’s in your bag. It’s ideal for everyone, whether you’re a road-tripper or a backpacker

“I take my SomerSide everywhere. I’ll be completely dry after diving, and knowing I’ve re-used plastic bottles which would otherwise just be dumped in the sea eases my conscience a little about my environmental impact.” – Matt O’Brien, marine biologist

Camping, surfing, or hanging out at the beach, stay dry SomerSide style and help stop harming our oceans before it’s too late.

Order online at before 7th August and receive two maxi-size Somerside towels for the price of one.

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