Announcing The Oh! The Places You’ll Grow E-Newsletter🌵

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Bring a sudden and severe breakdown in physical health to the boil, dice up a hefty worldwide pandemic that would prolong everything, and mix in heavy quantities of untapped and ignored creativity just craving to make itself known.

Bake for nearly two years at the highest heat possible on the top shelf of your oven.

Watch idly as the contents splurge and bubble over into an incessant sea-storm of despair, unhappiness and even more ill health until you take the first chance you get to jump onto the first life-raft you see: meditation.

I didn’t really have a choice – I needed something that would calm my mind and ravaged health as I was a long way from treatment, and I wanted to regain the positive perspective on life that I’d lost in the jumble of my illness, pain and self-pity.

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Something clicked, and I started to slowly wade out of the quicksand I had found myself drowning in almost overnight.

I qualified as a copywriter, and started to explore my creative writing and artistic side, leaving behind things, habits, jobs, and people that no longer served me.

Gently, over time, I put one unsteady foot in front of the other, and somehow things started to improve – I made connections with wonderful, meaningful people, and they enjoy and engage with my writing… I still can’t believe it.

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Looking back, I wish I’d had a helping hand, a resource full of kind and caring hints to help me along the way to help me support myself in discovering different pursuits and encourage my overall wellness – from getting outside and into nature, journalling, good books, reiki, to helpful pointers for strained-relationships… I could go on forever about everything that helped me improve the dismal situation I felt trapped in.

So I created the Oh! The Places You’ll Grow e-newsletter to be that friendly resource, and help anyone who might be feeling sad, stuck, low or uninspired to see what’s out there both online and in the real world.

You can find out more about meditation (it’s still my fave), self-growth and self-love, and find out why it’s good to get outside into nature amongst lots of other things that are great for your soul!

It’s free, it won’t clog up your inbox, and it comes out twice a month (or ‘fortnightly’ for the Brits, ‘bi-monthly’ for other English speakers).

Side effects may include:

  • A fervent desire to explore this amazing world we live in
  • A different perspective on yourself for trying something new
  • And an added burst of much-deserved self-love!

All it takes is one step, one day, one email to elevate your life, even if you think it’s not possible for you right now.

Sign up now by going to my ‘Hire Me’ page, and see you soon in a better frame of mind😊

Much love, and keep on growing!🌵

Vicki x

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